Rick’s Agenda for Honolulu’s Future

Help our economy recover in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Address the continuing challenge of homelessness in Honolulu.

Reduce inefficiencies in city government.

Fast-track housing that local residents can afford.

Be open and honest about City and County operations.

Choose the smartest options for rail, for today and for the future.

Support First Responders and ensure neighborhood safety.

To not raise property taxes for local families.

To look out for the needs of everyday people vs. the desires of big business.

Be transparent about where I stand on community issues.

To make the tough decisions when needed.

  1. Neighborhood safety and First Responders.


    Our sense of security in our community has changed dramatically, following an alarming rise in neighborhood crime. I will support and fund our first responders: police, firefighters and ocean safety officers, so they can do their jobs to protect us all.

  2. Fast-tracking housing projects locals can afford.


    We need responsible development, but our old approach to creating affordable housing is not working. I will streamline the planning and permitting process to save time and money for builders, and get construction underwayfaster.

  3. Get real on rail.


    I believe in the goals of rail transit, but we need a total reality check on the actual costs to complete the full route. This is not the time for wishful thinking or empty promises, and I will not raise property taxes for the sake of the project. HART must be 100% accountable and stop wasting money.

  4. Stronger action to help the homeless.


    This includes a “tough love” approach to street enforcement, but also means we need to build treatment and housing facilities for the drug addicted and mentally ill, who truly can’t take care of themselves. And we need more community partnerships to aid and house families. No one should ever be penalized for being poor.

  5. Rebuilding Honolulu’s economy after COVID-19.


    This will be my single highest priority as Mayor. I bring a lifetime of successful experience working turnaround challenges, and rebuilding failing businesses. We need clear, decisive leadership to restore confidence and get more and more people back to work.

The FAQs on the Issues.

Why do you want to be Mayor of Honolulu?

What are your top priorities for the City & County of Honolulu?

Where do you stand on rail?

What do we need to do to streamline City operations?

Do you support paid sick & family leave for all workers?

Do you support the equal treatment of our LGBTQ community members in the workplace and society?

How will you address climate change and its impact on Hawai‘i?

Are you a Democrat or a Republican?

You’ve never held political office before. How do you know you can do the job?