Blangiardi Endorsed by Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters

The Hawaii Regional Council of Carpenters (“HRCC ”) endorses Rick Blangiardi for Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu. The Hawaii Carpenters is the largest construction trade union representing 6,500 members.

“Our union recognizes the impact Rick will have as Mayor,” says Ronald Taketa, HRCC Executive Secretary Treasurer. “Throughout his career, Rick Blangiardi has shown he can get the job done, no matter how difficult or challenging the circumstances are. He is the type of leader our city needs right now: tough enough to make the difficult decisions and caring enough to make them for the right reasons.”

“I’m truly humbled to get the support and endorsement of the Carpenters Union,” says Rick Blangiardi, candidate for Mayor. “As the son of a working class family, I share values with these skilled men and women carpenters who, despite the COVID-19 crisis, have been working hard on projects across Oahu and the State of Hawaii. Like me, they prioritize affordable housing and workforce housing, as well as upgrades to our city infrastructure. Together, we want functional transit systems serving transit-oriented communities, and climate change/sea level rise solutions that create a sustainable Hawaii, stimulate our economy, create good paying jobs and enhance the quality of life for all our residents. I look forward to working with the Carpenters Union to deliver results for all residents on Oahu.”

The union is integral in strengthening Hawaii’s affordable housing, which contributes to a vibrant construction industry that provides sustainable success for working families.