Rick Blangiardi’s Roadmap to Recovery: His First 90 Days

Rick Blangiardi, candidate for Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu, has released a Roadmap to Recovery to help navigate his first 90 days in office if elected to Honolulu Hale. Rick’s First 90 Days: Roadmap to Recovery Creating Opportunities from Crisis is a leadership approach to the current crisis that Honolulu is experiencing amid COVID-19.

“O’ahu’s future is simply too important to pretend we can depend on decisions and plans that doesn’t take in account the constantly changing circumstances,” says Rick Blangiardi, candidate for Mayor. “The COVID-19 pandemic shocked us and turned everything we know upside down. This election is a referendum on leadership and this roadmap allows for adapting on a moment’s notice, making decisions as opportunities arise, thinking outside the box, forging new relationships built on creativity and shared goals and, most of all, building a team where all are committed to success.”

The Roadmap focuses on 11 key areas that will be addressed immediately once Rick is elected. In no particular order of priority, the areas include issues such as Public Health and Safety, Economic Recovery, City Efficiency and Performance, and Rail Oversight. Each focus area points to tangible strategies Rick plans to propose or implement as Mayor.